6000 SUX 2 Shirt, Hoodie and Longsleeve

Learn how to drive and not be distracted. Thats you telling people not to get super nice cars because you dont know how to drive or pay attention to the road. Totally inconsiderate. I got my drivers license in 1955 when I was 15 years old. I have yet to have a wreck or cause one,  have driven all over the US much of Canada, and much of Europe. Can you say the same? This stupid looking thing is a distraction and drivers don’t need anymore distractions. 6000 SUX 2 Shirt. Simple learn how to not get distracted so easily.

You can look at another car and admire it without getting in an accident, if not then no, you dont know how to drive. I know plenty of drivers who have been driving 50+ years who suck at driving. Just cause youve been driving a long time doesnt mean youre a perfect driver and know everything.

6000 SUX 2 tee

Every time I see something I have never seen before I freak out and have or cause a wreck. It happens all the time NOT!!! Maybe you should re read my comments. A 24 Hours of LeMons racer named Speedy Cop beat you to the punch, buddy. He actually raced his upside-down Camaro. 6000 SUX 2 Shirt.

Very sorry… i didn’t POST your rides…i have a Christian based Timelineand when i find who Posted cursing on my page i will BLOCK THEM…. Thanks for letting me know. U would think this would be illegal to drive on the streets because of the nature or the design and the distractions it’d cause…. this mans got a genius creative mind tho!!!

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6000 SUX 2 hoodie

Listen I’ve been around car n truck s all my life this is got to be one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life something special right up my alley for all u that know me it just needs to be done in green big Irish.