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How is this legal, the color of your car is on your registration. Must be wicked bad environmentally…not allowed in California and other progressive states. How much to do a impala. Easier than using plastic surgery to alter your identity after a crime I guess. 6000 SUX Shirt. I was thinking the same thing! what do we have to do,,, change our registration Everytime the paintjob changes? Hell no, good for race cars & demolition derby….  Printed shirts

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Oh yes, they’ll go and rob a bank, and go peel the paint off and then drive up beside a and thumb there at them and laughing, at the same time. Way to go. Its not a big deal changing the color of your car anymore, people do it all the time. I’m more concerned with “the bank robber drove off in a red car….” pulls into alley….peels off paint… turns black…. drives off…. I’m just sayin’. 6000 SUX Shirt. I’m sure if the Vin matches its not big deal. Custom t shirts

It doesn’t change the original color of the car, so no change is necessary. It’s the same as putting a wrap on your car. People are already using this. This ad is for the DIY version. U simply change the details on your logbook and notify dvla of ur colour change its pretty much simple and they will update it. It’s not permanent paint so you don’t have to register for a change of paint color. Design shirt

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6000 SUX Women tee
Women tee

Wow, paint the car, do a heist, peel off the colour and blend in with the rest. Lol. My car registration has the wrong color anyway and the color isn’t on my husband’s registration at all (and they are registered in the same county)so. I need this shirt so bad.