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I’m concern that our tax money can’t help these folks more or the Red Cross they supported us when we needed them. But I guess it’s the American way throw out the old and bring in the new without regard for anything. I understand this well. It’s not enough to do your job well if you aren’t bringing in money for the executives or shareowners. That’s the American way. A little hippie a little hood shirt. Great to hear of stories like this! Obviously Hippie Jack has a servant heart for people! Wonderful! Funny tee

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That goes to show,don’t look down on people that seem a bit strange to us l saw that bus first and thought OMG you’re kidding,then saw what it was all about,you never know what kind of love and giving spirits,someone might have. I am the worlds worst,at doing that very thing. God bless these caring people.Thank you for your kindness. Design shirts

We need more people in the world like this!! God Bless Them & All of People they Help!! Seems like the 60’s weren’t so bad after all!!! This Couple Is Special!!! God Bless.Why are there not more people doing these amazing kindnesses for others? Such GREAT people! Thank you to Jack and his wife. Helps to know there is still good in this world. Cool tee

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Well!!!! Another angel on earth. If he hasn’t, Hippie Jack needs to start a 501(3) C so we all can donate to his cause….which is the cause we all should support as humans.
Did a quick check. Tons on the Web about his wife and him but nothing about a non-profit…. These people were some of the first people that had hopes and dreams and worked hard to succeed in this country! So they should be helped! Think about that when you preach about dreamers!!  I need this shirt

A little hippie a little hood tee