Baby Groot hug Dallas Cowboys football shirt, sweatshirt and tank top

Baby Groot hug Dallas Cowboys football lady shirt

My 9 year old special needs child, who hasn’t seen the film yet as he can’t sit through a movie in the theaters, loves “Mr. Blue Sky” and asks for it by name due to the sheer energy and excitement we, as a family exude during the song.Baby. Baby Groot hug Dallas Cowboys football shirt. As a result he has fallen in love with “Fox on the Run” and is working his way through the lyrics of that one and the third and fourth one as well.

Baby Groot hug Dallas Cowboys football

It is a fun, fabulous journey to watch and be with him on. Thank you for such a great movie and soundtrack. I love to hear my gravelly voiced son (he has partially paralyzed vocal chords due to a stroke) singing along and memorizing lyrics!  Its not only one of my favorite opening sequences but one of the coolest shots ever.. I can’t wait to own it and watch it again and again so I can take turns focusing on the foreground and background. It’s freaking brilliant. Printing shirts

Someday in the far far future someone will make a game of this where you can dance while a baby groot mimics your movement and you can upload it anywhere. Why aren’t we funding this. Like ‘Just Dance’ games with baby groot!!! Tee design

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Baby Groot hug Dallas Cowboys football v-neck

I loved “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2.” Way better than the first and I didn’t think that was possible. Both are on my all time favorite movies lists. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your work and you genuinely seem happy doing it and that’s awesome. What’s next for you? I hope to hear back from you. I’d really appreciate it. God bless! I need this shirt.