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Britney For President shirt

That and she can’t really sing without a lot of computerized help, so they rather use the already “perfect” voice that you hear on the radio then her breathy tone… but the dancing is impressive but not worth to pay and see. And if you watch The Voice, the coaches can tell with their chairs turns, who starts to dance and move.. They will ask the contestant, but they know. Britney For President shirt. Then they say stand in one place and move so you can concentrate on singing…without losing breath or sense of timing. Personal shirts

Britney For President tee

Britney would be the first person to tell you that you shouldnt tear down Christina to build up Britney and would not like to hear what you have to say, even though its complimenting her. They are both valid as entertainers. If you follow Xtina,you will actually know that she is still active and she’s judge on the voice and in the last news she’s recording an album. Just shut up and don’t judge people. Custom tee shirt design

Both Xtina and Brit rock. did you not see xtina do her tribute to Whitney Houston, if that was the definition of a powerful voice then give me Britney’s any day, xtina May have a stronger vocal but in no way is she a better dancer. Design shirts.

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They both have amazing talent, what one is weaker at the other makes up for it in other departments wow using Britney’s past mental state is a low move, why would u even need to mention mental health as a reason someone is winning, if that’s the case Britney has overcome that which makes Britney a winner much more than xtina could dream of I loved Britney before but now….. She lip syncs because she’s dancing too much. I need this shirt.