Cat mom v-neck, hoodie, longsleeve tee

Cat mom lady v-neck

I Love all 3 of my daughters so much and my grandchildren & Cat mom great grandchildren.You wonder about this generation tho when you get to old whether or not.

Cat mom T-shirt

I carried one of my daughters for 9 months, knowing after much thought and prayer and much heartache, knowing I was giving her up it was “the” worst time in my life. Cat mom. God saw to it that some 40 years later, she would find me. I wasn’t sure my. A mother is a mother and you can no take that away from her no matter what they have done..stepmoms are for ones that are there when mom isn’t, or can not be and give them an applaud to what they do. I am not so sure that I agree, I have had too many problems with my sons, and as they think that their father was so wonderful, is,worrisome, as they don’t know that I drove to the Hospital by myself, and for my first son he did arrive just after he was born, as well as all the rest of the family and a best friend told me later, the next song, same thing except that time he arrived at 4,a.m.!Lee was born the evening before about 6 p.m. going home was just as awesome, he sent the “do everything person “from the office to pick us up ,too busy as usual and that was my life before and in between, I will not go further now, but as I am told, I will try to write my story one day

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