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I don’t think this cat was purposely bred this way. This woman rescued her but it seems this happened on its own genetically like with lil bub. I agree with you that people shouldn’t breed Munchkins on purpose. It’s not fair to them. Cat Sorry Im Late Shirt. If it happens genetically it’s a different situation but to purposely do this to a cat is wrong. This cat needed surgery so anyone who would purposely do this is cruel. Either way she is sweet as can be and she deserves to live her life. I just hope she isn’t in pain. She is precious. Design shirtss

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Sorry, I’ve just seen you post 7 times about this. This is a beautiful story. I unfortunately understand and send all my prayers and love that little Potato has such a loving home! That’s all that matters. Period. Cat Sorry Im Late Shirt. I need not comment as you and Sarah stated my feelings exactly. I feed through a tube does that mean I’m horrid??? Cool tee

Thank you. I just get so cross when the first place someone goes to is negative. Life is hard enough without saying things that are cruel and just plain wicked. I prefer to see the joy in life and I know how hard that can be but life is too short for negative thinking and some times I just have to speak up. Love can heal a lot more then hate ever could. Customized shirt

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I agree with you but I don’t think this was on purpose probably an accidental genetic mutation, had a foster munchkin who was actually quite aggressive because of the joint pain and it was heartbreaking but he has a great quality of life now and even a spunky friend. I want this shirt