Curse Too Much Skeleton Middle Finger shirt, tank top and longsleeve

Curse Too Much Skeleton Middle Finger shirt

A funny story. My father was a medical school professor. One of my family’s neighbors was a retired physician and a fascinating, wonderful man. When he passed away, it was decided that the human skeleton that he owned would be donated to my father’s Medical Center, and my father offered to transport it there. It wasn’t very easy to get it in the car, with its stand and all. Curse Too Much Skeleton Middle Finger shirt. He ended up sitting the skeleton in the passenger seat of his car, with the stand resting across the back seat behind it. They used the seat belt and some string to secure the skeleton in the seat. Design tee.

My father headed off to work, and on the twenty minute drive, got pulled over by the police. They detained him for a few hours while they checked out his story. It seems one needs a permit to transport such things! In the end, it all worked out well. custom apparel printing

Curse Too Much Skeleton Middle Finger tee

This is how we are over-regulated. Harass your legislators. Bring the skeleton as an “interested party”. Imagine stopping at a red light and seeing your dad and his skeleton friend pull up next to you! The cigarette & sunglasses of a highschool specimen could have saved Dad some boring cop time. Curse Too Much Skeleton Middle Finger shirt.  Read the book Stiff by Mary Roach. You’ll know what your body might be used for. It’s fascinating. cool t shirts

I want to be planted to be in the creation of a new tree to bring oxygen, light and greenery to the earth! Sadly just because you donated your body to science doesn’t mean they will accept you. Even after doing all their paperwork. After death the hospital contacts the university’s/organization that you wanted. The will go over you medical records and most likely not accept the donation. I actually had one university said it was the weekend and didn’t want to drive out to pick up body so that’s why they turned it down. I would suggest having a backup plan. cheap tshirt printing

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Curse Too Much Skeleton Middle Finger hoodie

My brother, who died last year, donated his remains to research, but he did it through a company that finds organization in need of remains. His ahes were returned to his family about 2 months later, but we were told that sometimes it can take longer than six months to get them back. And as thoughtless as this might sound, it saved his family from any funeral cost. They did not pay a single penny for anything. So donating your body is good for science, and good for your family. I need this shirt so bad.