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Easily Distracted By Dogs Shirt

Lol I know. I just thought of that incident when I read your comment. He was a sweety and could escape literally any barrier if he really wanted to. I think shih tzus are born escape artists! Easily Distracted By Dogs shirt. I have a shitzu mix and a malti mix. The shitzu stays close but the malti wants to chase everything. But they are both my good girls and are napping by my side. My Frank had dementia and before he went into care was very attached to one of our cats. Personalised t shirt printing.

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I have terminal cancer and my shih tzu who is 12 knows before me when I am going to have a rough patch cause she just keeps looking at me and edging me towards the bedroom where we both lie on the bed and have cuddles.Nobody can convince me dogs are not intelligent. Easily Distracted By Dogs shirt. Shih tzu’s r full of empathy. my little manis aware everytime and everywhere i have pain from 3 accidents he instinctly alighns his spine with mine and then he put his dead weight against my torn vertebra.

But like everyone elses. cookie loves 2 escape, and run,and run its like his little feet dont touch the ground. Looks a bit small to be one of them. He could be but to me he looks like a shih tzu! Funny tee

My MS gives me its ups and downs and my Shih Tzue knows when I am feeling poorly. He knows by the shoes I wear if he is going to get a walk.  Cool Tee
He cuddles up to me at night, particularly if I have been gone that day. Mr Jiggs is a very perceptive dog. Design shirts

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Easily Distracted By Dogs long sleeve
long sleeve

I’m looking for a female since Mr Jiggs is 11 years old. Any ideas, anyone? Doris Backstrom …try sites like Petfinder…you can specify a breed and distance from your home and it will pull up available dogs…I r escued my sweet girl 2 and a half years ago and she is the best! I need this shirt.