Friends Not Food for Vegan Shirt, Tank top and hoodie

Friends Not Food for Vegan Shirt

I’m sure if they want to become a vegan once they’re older they will. But for now, let them enjoy their childhood and innocence about most things. Now go eat some grass while these kids grow and decide if they want to join you or not. Friends Not Food for Vegan Shirt. I thought that too. It’s a cute vid but you could have the mimicking of things they picked up and the lies…like when that girl related being vegan to being weak. Funny shirts.

Friends Not Food for Vegan Tee

Did you not just watch the video? We clearly don’t eat grass. We eat the same food, same flavor and texture, without the cruelty. Would you condone children eating dogs or cats? Shut the fuck up! If you don’t wanna eat meat don’t eat it! But don’t tell me and others how we should live our lives or how we should raise our children there’s plenty of things out there I don’t agree with and hold strong views about but don’t see me on my high horse ramming my opinions down people throats so what gives you the right? My design shirts.

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Friends Not Food for Vegan hoodie

Go seek validation for you views were people actually wanna hear them yeah You cant get angry at some1 for speaking truth… thats so backwards… i eat meat but im not narrowminded in not knowing where its from and what it does to ur body… at least own it… too many people know nothing about nutrition and the true power and ability it has on ur body and mind… your happily sit there and cry about japan/china eating cats and dogs yet u do exactly the same thing in this. I need this shirt.