God Gave Us Shin Bones – Camping shirt, girl tee and hoodie

God Gave Us Shin Bones - Camping shirt

The closest for me is using it on a lake, with rope and no known animals or things that could poke it. Guess I could enjoy this in the big pool I don’t have! God Gave Us Shin Bones – Camping shirt. I wondered the exact same thing. This thing will drift with the current and currents lead to waterfalls. Anchors don’t always work either, they can get uplifted by a current lol!! Custom apparel printing

God Gave Us Shin Bones – Camping longsleeve

I know what happens when you assume, but wouldn’t you think it would take more than a stick to poke a hole in it. You couldn’t float anywhere at night because I did not hear them mention lights. So unless you want to mowed over by a boat, no night floating. It wouldn’t be legal anyway. Wake up miles and miles and miles away from where you went to sleep LOL. Design shirts.

Brilliant, I always wanted to fall asleep, and wake up hopelessly drowning while trying to find the zipper of an inflatable raft tent that lost it’s air. My luck would be, I’d get up to pee, and forgetting where I am, I’d walk off the side. God Gave Us Shin Bones – Camping shirt. That’s stupid!! Now why would a person sleep on something like that lol would if you down a water fall or a something. Personalised t shirt printing

I was thinking all of this who wanna sleep on water at night with creatures n such. That’s what I thought. Lol. A true adventure! Hahaha. Guess you can make an anchor. I have to assume the video is a complete misuse of the raft. You don’t just float on a river or lake. You have to tie the thing off to land. At which point it becomes a comfortable tent. You might want to tie it to a tree. Some people just don’t need to leave their homes. I need this shirts

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God Gave Us Shin Bones - Camping hoodie