Gold Arrow Blessed Mimi Shirt Thanksgiving Shirt, Long Sleeve and Hoodie

That said the very first turkey I cooked for thanksgiving as a young bride in 1966, I caught my oven on fire..fortunately did not burn the apt down. This will be my 10th year deep frying my turkey. NEVER have I had a fire, Read the freaking directions people…it’s really not that difficult!! Hot oil on hot coals on a grill Gold Arrow Blessed Mimi Shirt Thanksgiving Shirt. The prices of me cooking turkeys have went up. My point exactly. Someone needs to open a turkey frying business!

Gold Arrow Blessed Mimi Shirt Thanksgiving Lady Tee

The closest thing I can think of is City BBQ. They have smoke turkey leg….I ordered a smoked half breast from them yesterday. Remember my new Corian sink cracking because I put the frozen turkey in it and the extreme cold made it crack. Water went everywhere. Im sure we had fires too! Im such a bad cook! Remember when you deep fried the turkey and it came out like charcoal. Kirk you’re burning it!!! – understatement of the year. Hopefully this is not what happens at my house next week! My mom asked me to host thanksgiving… haha this would be me! Design shirts

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Gold Arrow Blessed Mimi Shirt Thanksgiving Hoodie

This reminds me of the time your turkey caught on fire! I love the woman that yells, “Kirk, you’re burning it!” You think? Let’s hope it we do a little better with our first turkey day. U would have been just fine!! At least now u know how to make one!! I want this shirt.