Groot Hug Autism Teddy Bear Shirt, Hoodie and Tank top

Groot Hug Autism Teddy Bear shirt

Once again just a theory my dude. I think it’s a cool way to look at things. He’s a clipping of big groot, so he’s technically a little groot clone!  But your theory is more fun lol. It’s not a son, if it were he would have speech capabilities. Groot Hug Autism Teddy Bear Shirt. As was explained a young groot has speech capabilities but as they get old they get his with a speech degenerate disease that limits their vocabulary to just I Am Groot. Given that he cant speak is proof enough that it’s same groot. He’s done it before in comics. Apparel

Groot Hug Autism Teddy Bear tee

There is no further reason to live anymore… Groot died in front of our eyes back in 2014 and we didn’t even realise till way after. Groot Hug Autism Teddy Bear Shirt. Well if this is so he would be able to speak more. It is a genetic disease that makes their vocab only three words. I got excited just by watching these small snippets of baby Groot what is wrong with me. Printing t-shirts

Aaaahh I thought it was griot again also. That’s just made him look completely different now not sure if I like him. I loved groot and thought great he’s growing up again. Little Groot is a clone of big Groot, it is not his son. It is the same tree person thing , go watch the movie….. “I am Groot”. Design shirts

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Baby grout is an “off shoot” anybody with any gardening experience knows that this is not the original Groot but a propagated independent growing specimen. Eh. Some plants require fire to reproduce. Its groot but it’s not. Plants are weird, especially alien plants. Once rocket said he would die, anyone expecting any less is on some next shit and should sort me out asap. Cool tee

Groot Hug Autism Teddy Bear hoodie

But… But… He is dead… We never said goodbye… This makes the end scene go from cute to sad – Damn James Gunn and his awesome comic accuracy .hat’s not true they took a piece of groot n replanted him so he cud grow again. i need this shirt.