Guardians of the galaxy baby groot hug beer shirt, longsleeve and v-neck

Guardians of the galaxy baby groot hug beer shirt

I believe he was dancing to “Want you back” by The Jackson Five. All Marvel lovers know that after the movie ends there’s always teasers. Guardians of the galaxy baby groot hug beer shirt. He didnt die they took piece of groot and planted it on the pot and now he grew up they even showed at end of the movie. Well he obviously a stupid one Sam Price haha.

Guardians of the galaxy baby groot hug beer v-neck

If groot was a floral colossis named “groot” how come after he died and the baby groot never met him, He still calls himself groot, unless he knew that he was original groot. Not very well thought through. Maybe it was passed down via his seed or whatevs. Guardians of the galaxy baby groot hug beer shirt. The language is that complicated all we understand is I am groot. Cool tee.

It’s due to their hardened wooden vocal chords. All they say is I am groot but they can have full conversations by altering the way they say ‘I am groot’. Groots species share a collective mind supposedly. Don’t know how that works. So techniqually “Baby” Groot still shares the memories of that of the “Original” Groot. Which I believe is a cool concept. Maybe the collective mind is named Groot, hence the saying ” I am Groot “. Just a theory. Apparel.

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Guardians of the galaxy baby groot hug beer hoodie

It’s not a son, if it were he would have speech capabilities. As was explained a young groot has speech capabilities but as they get old they get his with a speech degenerate disease that limits their vocabulary to just I Am Groot. Given that he cant speak is proof enough that it’s same groot. He’s done it before in comics. Printed shirts.  I need this shirt

I remember seeing a whole race of Groot in one comic. I Am Groot is just their call like how birds sing and stuff like that if I remember correctly that is…