Hoptimist Beer Drinker Shirt, hoodie and v-neck

Hoptimist Beer Drinker Shirt

At least my kids will be able to spell and use correct grammar Serena Norris. Maybe you should work on yours for them and then worry about what they eat less they appear as dumb as you and no one takes them seriously. I applaud mr Michael C. Fancher’ for his rather backwards arguement to shut a statement down … worrys more about grammer than the food you eat. Hoptimist Beer Drinker Shirt. When one starts to give ones fuck about their own laungage thall shall recieve one Pringles pot full of shits to give.. why because MERICA !! Customized shirts

Hoptimist Beer Drinker longsleeve

Hhaha come at me grammer justice warrior What i don’t get is why you guys want to shame people for eating meat but are too happy to tell us that your food tastes exactly like our meat products. Shouldn’t Vegan food taste like what it derives from? Design shirts

You know, plants! Why the affinity to get it to taste like meat? Shouldn’t vegans denounce that thought? It’s in your heart to save animals and stop the cruelty but in your mind you still want it to taste like meat. Isn’t that cruel to animals. Sure, you’re not killing any of them but morally you are because you still crave that sweet taste of meat on your plate. Apparel

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Hoptimist Beer Drinker tee

Unless you’re ready to forgo that taste let people choose what they want to eat. Stop making fake burgers and fake bacon if you’re so pure. you’re statement is wrong my mom’s husband used to work in a slaughter house, I’ve seen all types of documentaries on how meat is “made” and guess what I still LOVE MEAT!!! Also my thoughts are why do vegans try to get their foods to taste like the aninmals or animal products they choose not to eat? I need this shirt.