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Not all are so blessed in this life to be exposed to such magnificent creatures. At least these creatures are being cared for & loved. Hose Bee Lion shirt. Im assuming that more than likely they come from abusive type backgrounds and couldn’t survive if placed back in the wild, so I’m thankful for ppl who want to care for these beautiful animals. tee

How awesome. Creature’s getting along like that when human beings can’t, even for a minute! It’s absolutely refreshing, heart warming & creature’s of beauty & beast cohabitating, inter acting more human then people. Thanks, enjoyed very much! Custom t shirt design

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All God’s creatures great and small. We are so blessed with such variety and they all have their own individual personality, Awesome! Great video! I’m sure safety was used in all situations. Thanks for sharing. God bless. It’s so beatiful but only can this do a few persons on the world. Co gratulacions for her mom but we can’t forget: this is a very special video and really complicated around the Earth. Best t shirt design

Truly amazing to see symbiotic relationship between the animals. Hope humans can learns from the beasts to live peacefully with co-neighbours colleagues. Bonding of fiff.kinds of animals. Funny n dangerous. But also we’te educated as to observing them how they react to one another.Lucky ate we thru social media that we see for ourselves how these animals relate to one another.If you want to see them all n not sure if they’ll not fight at each other is when you travel to far n dangerous n expensive to Kenya n other countries in Africa where there are animals of such these variety. I need this shirt

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