I Just Really Like Pigs! OK shirt, tank top and longsleeve

I Just Really Like Pigs! OK shirt

Obviously a plant based diet is better for you and there are ways to be vegan and healthy without missing nutrients but it’s really an art and a science that isn’t an easy commitment in our society’s culture. I Just Really Like Pigs! OK shirt. Rejecting food because of a taboo statement that lacks research doesn’t make it automatically perfect. I truly believe the American culture is the only one that doesn’t teach about healthy portions, and veggies as a staple with meals…  Make your shirt

I Just Really Like Pigs! OK v-neck

It is more a thing of disgust for some reason. At least these kids have fun trying new foods! The interviewers didn’t explain that vegans did so by choice, so the children must think they’ve been forced to or they’re parroting their peers. I Just Really Like Pigs! OK shirt. Funny t shirts

There was no explanation to why vegans choose to be vegan, they just told them what we don’t eat. If you actually explain it to kids, they will understand the concept of trying those foods. Soy is absolutely fine in moderation. Customized shirts

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I Just Really Like Pigs! OK v-neck

Only having over 14 portions a day (impossible?) can have any effect on you, but again 14 portions of the same thing every day of almost anything isn’t going to be good for you. One portion of soy would be 250ml of soya milk, just so you know. their men are also very feminine. Apparel

There is little sexual dimorphism between the sexes in Asian countries. Eating less meat is good, replacing it with soy (for men/boys) is not. Soy or not, vegan or not… These kids were eating stuff without knowing what it was. By law, food manufacturers have to. I want this shirt