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Who runs the World? A collection of Global elitist who control everything from financial establishments, oil production, food services, transportation. They finance both sides of any war, and control what people think through propaganda and fear tactics. I’m a simple woman likes weed tacos music shirt.  just think of ripping your knees apart. When I was young I loved doing back flips, front flips and stuff we learned and had to do back in the 60’s and 70’s, when gym was gym. I remember always rubbing my knees back then afterwards. In my 50’s I had to have both knees replaced. Custom apparel printing

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It’s important to be healthy and maintain fitness goals for me personally.with that said even the most professional athletes suffer from knees problems. After a certain age you should more into yoga, pilates or barre classes. Light weightlifting. You don’t have to do any of this. I know how much of a strong. Loving. Caring. Amazing woman you are. I’m a simple woman likes weed tacos music shirt. You’re one of the most spectacular woman I know. And you are hands down one of the most wonderful Mother’s I have ever met. Or seek in my life. I love you so much and our family. Tee shirt printing

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Terrific great going that’s the spirit no need to worry about knee problems joint problems if it happens let them happens but live like a champ and die like a champ no ifs and second options champs born once in a million fitness is not anybody’s patent playing with weights lifling everything is not entirely men’s or anybody’s exclusive rights today’s champ is tomorrow s ex champion but always respect seniors and try to learn from their experience always remember live and die like a fitness manic. I need this shirt.