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While July 4 is the date the United States granted independence to the Philippines, June 12 is the date when the revolutionaries declared independence from Spain. The colonizers of the Philippines at the time. This date wasthe first time the Philippine flag was unfurled and a new country was born. The United States soon stole this and occupied the archipelago. I’m fat let’s party 4th of july shirt. Filipinos kept on fighting to be free from the American occupiers first through armed resistance.  Soon through lobbying in the US Congress. The point is that from June 12 the fight for independence continuously waged even through the Second World War. Eventually symbolically granted by the American colonizers in July 4, 1946.

I’m fat let’s party 4th of july lady tee

Your reasoning can also applied to the US Independence Day celebrated every July 4. But in fact only conceded by the British Empire in 1781 and formally recognised in 1783. We do not celebrate as Independence Day the date Great Britain finally gave up its rule over the British Colonies in America. We celebrate the day, July 4, 1776, we proclaimed independence from GB. Why should it not be the same for the Philippines?  Recognizing June 12, 1898 as Philippines Independence Day is great, in another regard. Spain was the colonialist that purported to OWN the Philippines, its people and its other natural resources. Cheap tshirt printing

We liberated the Philippines, at great cost to America in terms of lives and military resources, and protected it until it had its feet firmly back under it. Or maybe too much longer. In any event, it should never have been necessary for the Philippines to declare independence from the United States, even if we symbolically called it a recognition of Philippines independence. Customized shirts

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Regardless of these facts, why do you, even with your ethnic background, feel any need to fight with Filipinos about such a matter? Although Filipinos had to persuade the US to recognize their independence, they did not have to fight a bloody revolution to overthrow governance by us. Yeah, there were incidents, but they did not oust us militarily, as we did Great Britain. I need this shirt.

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