Keep Calm and Let Papa Handle it shirt, tank top and hoodie

Keep Calm and Let Papa Handle it shirt

Don’t fool me guys. We are all heroes on Facebook… just eat your cake and drink your coke. No one here accomplished such an heroic act, so let rely on Officers job and don’t waste our precious time! Keep Calm and Let Papa Handle it shirt. That is going to be a court date, but since liberals are so against free speech, that fall under the first amendment. free to complains and get money out of it. looked like the gentleman lost his footing stumbled backwards and used his cain to steady his fall. Custom business shirts

Keep Calm and Let Papa Handle it tee

Purely coincidental it happened as the robber was going past him. I said the same thing. I see he could sue as assault and PTSD… sadly we live in a society of victims getting sued or charged for being vulnerable of even having the nerve to defend themselves or upholding or supporting the police. Keep Calm and Let Papa Handle it shirt. Is it just me or was that the smoothest trip a person has ever done. He even looked cool while doing it. Dude deserves a medal for this. The police dept might actually do that…or something similar. Funny shirts.

It’s not uncommon that when someone helps out an officer in such a way that they give the person a commendation. He assessed the situation, thought through his options, and executed it with style. All of this without a lot of time to think through potential outcomes or risks. Cool tee. Father’s day shirt

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Keep Calm and Let Papa Handle it tee

Can someone say triggered haha you must of never heard of people breaking into homes trip and fall or fall off a balcony and sue and win their case and guess what their all liberal judges so calm down I was joking I’m not saying that’s the case here but it happens liberal Alleged burglar shot by homeowner sues,Burglar injured and sues after falling, I need this shirt.