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I stopped my Uber driver on the way home because saw some rando in a Bondra Jersey hoisting a homemade cup out of foil alone on a sidewalk and needed to befriend him, because that’s the celebration I needed. No regrets. Did not die. Mickey mouse stanley cup champions shirt. I was there for those 2 games in Washington. My brother-in-law was the Capitals Head Coach. I remember how I felt when they wheeled him onto the ice. Although I would have loved a Capitals win, I was so happy for that guy. Make your own t shirt print

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I still have my Believe tshirt and patch! That was such a great dynasty and the best years of hockey in my lifetime. I cry watching all of these. God Bless all the players and organization. Go Wings. Let’s do it again!!!! In my lifetime please. So remember those days. I do have to say that I was thrilled that the Capitals won this year. Our son (he played hockey — goalie — in high school in MI) now lives in Washington DC. Mickey mouse stanley cup champions shirt. We were there recently, but the games were in LV. Otherwise, we would have gone to a game!!! hockey!!! I need this shirt

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20 years. Never will forget. Hockey is the only sport with a true and honest heart. I am eternally thankful for such fine men, all teams. I remember this like it was yesterday, can’t believe it’s been 20 years. And I still get tears in my eyes watching this today. The car crash was devastating and then the Wings coming back and taking the Stanley Cup home…..all the feels for sure!!! funny t shirts

Everytime I see this Cup win I always cry. I also wonder if Vladdy was healthy and played if they would have won the Cup in 98. I would have taken a healthy Vladdy over a Stanley Cup any day.