Proud son of a freaking awesome mom shirt, hoodie and v-neck

Proud Son Of A Freaking Awesome Mom shirt

I guess cuz Trump can walk and chew gum at the same time. Dems want to put all their energy in exploiting children whose parents broke the law. Proud son of a freaking awesome mom shirt. It’s all political and when nothing else is sticking, like reduced taxes, Russians, Stormy Daniels, or nuclear war with N Korea, it’ there hope that this sticks and will finally bring Trump down. Don’t count on it. Printing shirts

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If Trump signs the bill and reunites the children with their families, which he should because separation is abuse, and inhumane, does that mean all his followers who were for the separation have changed their mind too and realize now it was morally wrong to separate the children? Proud son of a freaking awesome mom shirt. They justified the separation for days in loud terms, which we all knew was completely ridiculous, including the white house, most Republicans, his team, Trumpster’s and FoxNews!  Design shirts.

We, the American people, are watching and listening. thank you for asking! You know asking for asylum is not a crime. And I believe the families should stay together during the processing stage and if they pass the process stage by abiding by U.S. law and have documentation, they should be on a healthy path towards assimilation into the U.S. I am against illegal crossing and illegal documents and any crime. Funny tee.

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All people should have to follow U.S. law. I am for legal immigration and I am for allowing people to ask, but no guarantee they will be accepted. I give them a chance, but no guarantee. I feel that is reasonable and I like reasonable things.  I want this shirt.