Space force medic shirt, longsleeve and v-neck

Space Force Medic shirt

Most negative folks don’t understand the extreme seriousness of the very real space threat to our country and the world. War doesn’t change. But the battlefield always evolve. It bagan with just armies fighting each other on land. Then on land and at sea. Space force medic shirt. People once scoffed at the idea of war taking to the skies. Ridiculing as you are doing now. And yet warfare became airborne. Warfare went under the seas too.  We’ve already had cyber warfare. Design shirts

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I don’t see people mocking that. So what is so hard to believe that telecommunication satellites, and spy satellites, are not just another expansion of the modern battlefield? Space force medic shirt. And what about the EMP? EMPs are real. A byproduct of a nuclear detonation. One that can knock out a nation’s electronics. With a single EMP you would not only knock out electronics but all electronic based communications in a target nation. Effectively making it impossible for them to coordinated their military effort. Printing shirt.

Let alone the chaos ensuing as police cannot communicate to deal with the inevitable terror and confusion among the civilian population. Like I said, we won’t be seeing Star Wars any time soon. There won’t be Battlefleet Gothic laying waste with cyclonic torpedos or the Enterprise zapping us with phasers. But there very well may be knocking out space assets which would cripple a target country’s ability to communicate and coordinate. now that is a valid point. As you said: this is their job. Perhaps an entirely separate branch is overkill. Funny tee.

However, a separate branch would allow reduce the workload of an already overtaxed Air Force. Either way, I can’t imagine the “Space Force” would be a large organization. It’d be smaller than the Coast Guard. I want this shirt

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Space Force Medic v-neck