Yes I have a retirement plan cruising shirt, tank top and sweatshirt

Yes I Have A Retirement Plan cruising shirt

Liberals just resort to name calling like you did, rather than finding facts to back up a counter argument. Oh well, I guess it’s not just the Liberals who resort to name calling rather than a respectful counter. Yes I have a retirement plan cruising shirt. NASA (Not A Space Agency) has always been a ‘front’. Anyone that has researched that trillion-dollar black budget ops knows they are hiding a lot of hinky matters. President Trump is ensuring they will be rid of fairly quickly. The people deserve the truth. Printing shirts

Yes I have a retirement plan cruising tee – sport shirt

Thats part of the intent here with this announcement. Never underestimate Trump nor the Marine General heading up this new space force. They are always 10 chess moves ahead. You are so close to the truth. The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off. Space force was set in motion with project paperclip.  Yes I have a retirement plan cruising shirt. Space force is under interplanetary corporate conglomerate which controls solar warden and radiant guardian. In 2018..I think radiant guardian was taken over by solar warden. Design shirts

Also there are no little green men.. that’s moronic. The zeta reticuli used to be here kidnapping people here and there only because government gave them green light. Too much info to talk here. Do your research. Why all the trash taking about this? I remember alot of trash talk on JFK when he declared the U.S. is officially in aspace race to the moon, which we were the 1st country to accomplish that and how about when Reagan announced the Star Wars program called the strategic defense initiative… he was mocked for that too. Funny tee

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Yes I Have A Retirement Plan cruising tee

Now space stations are old hat and defense and civilian satellites are the source of cyber grids and are part of our every day life. I need this shirt.